Monday, 5 May 2014

Richee Rage: Princess Mononoke

So I sat down with Layla yesterday and watched Studio Ghibli's Princess Mononoke. I do enjoy Studio Ghibli films but I wouldn't say I'm a major fan; I would happily watch a film but wouldn't go out of my way. Any way, its been a while since I had a proper rage while watching a film, but this one brought it out of me though. I was enjoying this film up until the hunters and warriors of Iron Town are hunting down the forest god, for an emperor they owe their village to. Ashitaka is trying to stop them while informing the ruthless leader Lady Eboshi that her town is under attack. It carries on until they both come up to the god and Ashitaki doesn't strike this horrible woman down, choosing to throw his sword into a wooden part of her gun, leaving her to blow the gods head off leading to hundreds of deaths as the god transforms into a rage demon. Layla says its due to Ashitaka not wanting to kill as the rage might take him, as he has a curse on him due to another god which turned into a demon due to this murderous woman. But he happily murdered other people trying to harm him or others, so why would you stay your hand on some one who deserved to be struck down. To make things worse, even the wolf princess decides not to strike her down after destroying everything, due to the god dying, even though she had been wanting to kill her all the way through the film. So this annoyed me but at the end of the film after everything works out you see Lady Eboshi may have changed her ways, and you say Jigo the main architect for all the destruction and death sitting happy on a rock making a joke of the situation when he just caused all this death and destruction. Where is his punishment? Nothing happens to him. Maybe when he gets to the emperor? Maybe he will be killed for his failure to get the gods head? So what was an enjoyable film turned into a rage film at the refusal to punish the bad. I know lots of people like this film (one of my friends has a tree spirit tattooed on her calves) but what do you think? Do you think I'm over acting or do you think I'm right to be unhappy about the ending? Richee

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