Thursday, 15 May 2014

Movie News

There's been a couple good pieces of movie news this week, and one sad piece.

1st piece of news centres round a new X-men film coming out for one of my favourite character Gambit, who is getting a stand alone film. They've all ready got someone to play the lead in Channing Tatum which I think is a good fit for the silver tongued thief Remy LeBeau. Not sure what the story will be, wouldn't surprise me if they alter his back story from the original but hopefully it will be better then Wolverine's origin story which featured Taylor Kitsch as Gambit, but I have no issue pretending that film never happened.

2nd piece is that J.J Abrams will not be directing Star Trek 3 as he is focusing on making the Star Wars sequels, which means Roberto Orci will be taking over and has stated the film will be more original and stay closer to the classic Star Trek. Not sure what this means for the series, but I've enjoyed the last two so hopefully they won't change too much from whats been done. I believe this is also Roberto's first outing as a director as he is usually writer or producer, so should be interesting.

3rd piece is the unfortunate passing of H.R Giger who gave so much to the movie industry with his brilliant designs and great art work. He passed away in hospital after falling down the stairs of his home. Our sympathy goes out to his family. Richee

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