Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Monsters Review

So having reviewed Gareth Edwards Godzilla last week I thought I'd go back and watch his first feature film Monsters from 2010.

The story follows two Americans tracking through an alien infested Mexico to get back to America. The monsters are an alien race who arrived 6 years ago through a crashed space probe, collecting samples of possible life in space and are now quarantined rather poorly in the infected zone. Scoot McNairy plays Andrew, a head strong journalist looking to get further in his career, agreeing to bring his bosses daughter Samantha back who for some reason was in Mexico, played by Whitney Alba. So the story follows these 2 as they struggle to get back, but after having there passports stolen they are forced to go through the infected zone. The 2 leads are passable having such a generic will-they-won't-they-esque relationship going on the monsters are an interesting blend of bug/octopus hybrid but you don't really see much of them through out only getting glimpses here and there. They look good though with the poultry sum of money which this film was made for. With Monsters scoring 6.4 on IMDb but getting good reviews at the time you could say it was a bit of a risk signing him to then make Godzilla, but it worked if only he would focus more attention on the creatures rather then the boring humans. Down with humanity up with monsters! I would score this film a 6/10 very intriguing; the plot but is quite predictable through out, the landscapes they use though are beautiful and the few action sequences are good. Richee

A sequel to Monsters is in post-production, and is expected to be released later on this year. To hear what we thought of Edwards Godzilla, you can listen to in the player below.

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