Saturday, 10 May 2014

If I was in a Seth Rogen film...

If you've listened to our podcast, you'll know that I express a little regret at the fact that Seth Rogen has done yet another film that involves a lot of partying, drunkenness and pot smoking. Not that his films aren't funny any more, its just I'm a little bored. Rogen plays the kind hearted stoner well, and has even said that "Well, having no real skills, I always try to play characters close to myself." Bad Neighbours gives a hint at the end that the druggy life style isn't everything. Although these films are still massively popular, Rogen is a good enough actor to tread into unfamiliar territory, and I hope he tries to step out of his default character trait before more people get bored with these films. I appreciate it's not just him in these films, and I suppose what I'm saying is I'm fed up with these YOLO films. My version of YOLO is more like that Lonely Island song.

I thought I'd draw a little comic for you guys of my very un-Rogen-esque lifestyle. And yes, I apologise profusely for spelling Mr Rogen's name wrong. Maybe I am dyslexic after all?

Give our review of Bad Neighbours a listen and let us know what you think of stoner films in the comments below.


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