Monday, 19 May 2014

DVD round up

This week major release is Martin Scorsese's epic tale of money and depravity The Wolf of Wall Street. With Leonardo DiCaprio playing Jordan Belfort, and with Jonah Hill supporting, this film relishes in the excess of money, prostitutes and quaaludes. One of the main criticisms of this film is that maybe its too enjoyable; the humour is spot on, and I've heard many people say after seeing this film that "I want to be a multi-millionaire stock trader!" (or words to those effects). Of course, what Belfort did was very wrong, not just in terms of his job but also to his family. But this isn't a morality film (Scorsese, remember). A great film, but if you buy it, get your toilet breaks out the way and settle in with some snacks as this film runs to three hours in length. Get comfortable!

Print by Joe Wilson

Out on Blu-Ray this week to is Hayao Miyazaki's awesome Princess Mononoke. A stunning Studio Ghibli film about environmentalism that can be quite gruesome at points, you follow Ashitaka as he tries to understand the curse given to him by a god of the forest. Richee had a bit of a problem with the ending of this film (which you can read here), but I would definitely recommend it to everyone, especially if you're bored with the kind of vacuous trash that Disney like to put out.

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