Sunday, 13 April 2014

Walking Dead Season 2 Episode 2 Review

The second episode to Telltale's brilliant series is here (slight spoilers ahead will try not to give to much away but the way my story played out kinda needs to be put in).

As I started off with Pete fleeing from the chasing zombies hiding in a van, we discover Pete was bit in the previous attack. He decides to distract the zombies so you can escape back to the other survivors upon arrival, though the others go looking for the other group leaving you alone with Sarah. It doesn't take long before your in trouble again though, as a former group member Carver (voiced by Michael Madsen) is looking for the group. After he leaves the group return and decide's it's time to move on, as this Carver is a dangerous man. After a close call crossing a bridge Luke and Clem come across another survivor. After talking him down it seems all is well but of course we can't have that and Nick decides to deal with the situation in the worst possible way. After this incident you come across another group of survivors with an old accomplice. I will leave the story there as it does pick up at this point and I don't want to spoil anything.

Well another great episode, leaves me wanting more and with the introduction of Carver as a very threatening protagonist, and with the introduction of a former character who I never liked anyway, it gives you the choice to be nice to him or not after this episode. I really want to play through again and see what happens if I do something different in this episode so I will give this episode a 9/10. The story keeps getting better and I can't wait for episode 3. Richee

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