Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Sequels We Don't Need 6

It's been 28 years, do we really need a sequel to a film I honestly can't stand but has a weird cult following? Which is probaly one of the reasons for bromance's.

Top Gun 2 - Has only been announced at the moment but Tom Cruise (Maverick) is signed on, so this is bound to happen. Jerry Bruckheimer also keeps reassuring all those fans who want a sequel its in the works. Rumours say that the film will have Maverick going up against drones in some way. As I said before I was never a fan of the overly camp original which apparently is what makes it good but the bromance between Maverick and co-pilot Goose did not entertain me, and the whole film I found dull and uninspiring. No director has been confirmed yet to take over from the late Tony Scott. I think maybe I don't want a sequel 'cause I never liked it in the first place. If you happen to be a fan let us know if you think a sequel is a good idea. All if you think it should be left alone. Richee

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