Sunday, 13 April 2014

From Dusk Till Dawn Episode 3 Review

So another week another episode of this disappointing series. So far episode 3 sees the Fuller family get stranded out side of a bar where Ranger Gonzalez is meeting with a Professor played by Jake Busey to discuss the recent murders. We find out a bit more about Seth's time in prison and he also goes to meet his girlfriend/associate at the Big Kahuna Burger, Richie tries to figure out his hostage, and we see the Mexican cartel who the Gecko's are working for in their true form. The most interesting part about this episode was the discussion and finding out that the vampires have been replaced with snake demons, which I don't mind so much. At least they have finally explained the demon angle, and also Kate Fuller finds out about why her father is taking them on a trip. So the new outline of the story is finally taking place and, with exception to Seth's trip, this was an improvement over the last couple of episodes but not by much. So I'd stretch to 5/10 for this episode and hopefully everything will start to fall into place.

Don't forget to check out the podcast also I've been on Ready Player 2 this week as a guest host so go check them out to.

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