Monday, 28 April 2014

Blast from the past - Samurai Jack

I had forgotten how good Samurai Jack was, watching it as a youngster every morning before school. Having found it again on Netflix, it is possibly one of those cartoons as entertaining now as when it originally came out. Created by Genndy Tartakovsky who also did Dexters Lab, Powerpuff Girls and many more. For those of you not aware of Samurai Jack, it is obviously about a Samurai called Jack who must destroy the evil shape shifter Aku with his enchanted sword. Having bested Aku in his own time, Aku uses his powers to push Jack into the future where Aku has become the ruler of Earth and has started taking over the Galaxy, bringing all of the nastiest beings in the Universe to Earth. I'm not sure what year the show is set in but it has everything from Talking Dogs to a Scotsman with a gun for a leg Planet Terror style. Obviously with the show being mostly about a Samurai there is lots of swordsmanship and violence, which is easily dealt with by giving most the villains robotic limbs (or just making them robots all together), for Jack to chop parts off and therefore avoid gore. Otherwise it would have ended up being a more Mangaish, being shown later in the evening. The animation, while simplistic, is brilliant and the fights have an epic scale about them with most of the third episode being a battle with evil beetle bots. If you have never had the experience of Samurai Jack then get on it only two seasons to watch but they are well worth it. Richee

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