Monday, 28 April 2014

Big list of film to watch while sitting on your couch

First up we have the three hour filler between the first Hobbit film and the next, and last, one. With a love story superfluous to the original book and massive amounts of ingenious escape sequences, this film will satisfy any Lord of the Rings fan, but subsequently have them screaming "get to the end already!"

Whilst films about finding yourself do well in America, in Britain they have a tendency to seem saccharine and sentimental. L.J. Spence however, expecting a comedy, found the uplifting storyline a refreshing change. Read his review here.

In my opinion, this film is majorly over praised. Yes, it looks very stylish, the cast is pretty good, but the story is very convoluted, and it no way near deserves the high marks it received from many reviews (especially considering the incredible 12 Years a Slave came out just a week later). Listen to our review and see what you think.

While still funny, Anchorman 2 is unfortunately a plain old rehash maybe done a little too late to its slow burning previous incarnation. With jokes about pet sharks, blindness and Kanye West, this film will amuse but don't expect the fresh originality of Ron Burgandy's first outing.

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