Thursday, 13 March 2014

South Park Stick of Truth Review

It has finally arrived after all the years of development and changes to different developers, South Park has arrived, but the big question is: is it any good? If I was to do a short review I would say it's hella cool. Being a huge fan of the TV series since it first came out, plus everything else created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. I don't think there was any doubt I wouldn't enjoy this game (mind you I liked the previous Duke Nukem games and look what they did to that). You play as the new kid in town with a troubled past you can't remember, and a great power to unlock. The game is a turn based fighter/RPG with the entire cast of South Park-er's here from Jimbo to Damien son of Satan, and if they're not in the game there is bound to be some obscure reference or picture to find, my favourite being Tom Cruise who has still not come out of the closet in Stan's house. As you recruit followers to help you on your many quests around this quaint little mountain town, starting with Butters who is awesome as always. The whole thing feels like an extra long episode and it works so well I'm sad it didn't happen sooner but hope sequels will spawn from it. Bad points for the game are lacking. You could say it's a bit to easy but it's got settings to make it harder, and due to no fault of the makers the game is censored on consoles in some places, not sure why as I watched the scenes on Youtube and there pretty tame compared to half the things that happen later on which are left in. Good points is everything. My first play through was as the thief, now I can't wait to play through again as one of the other 3 classes, plus with all the collectibles from armour and weapons to 30 Chinpokomon. This is a must have game for fans of the show and there is something there for role playing fans as well. But if you are of a nervous disposition or easily offended you should obviously steer clear as surely you should know by now, with it being South Park related. So South Park Stick of Truth rates very highly on my scale and I have no problem rating this game an 8/10. Thoroughly enjoyable and disturbing so get out there and buy it. Richee

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