Monday, 31 March 2014

Sequels We Don't Need 5

Well what do you know, my main inspiration for this post is yet again trying to squeeze money out of everyone's pocket.

Taken 3 - So after the awesome kidnapping plot of the first film and Liam Neeson's bad ass portrayal, they went and ruined it by bringing out Taken 2, where the roles are reversed and its Liam Neeson needing to be rescued by his daughter. I never got round to watching this. It sounded ridiculous and with a meh score of 6.3 on IMDB compared to the 7.9 the original got. I can't help but feel I made the right choice, but now the third Taken is coming out. So who is gonna end up kidnapping who in this mess? I miss the days where a single film got released and it didn't need a sequel if it took a certain amount of money. Olivier Megaton (awesome name) is returning after directing the second film. Luc Besson and Robert Mark Kamen are returning having written both previous films. I also wonder what happened to Luc Besson's directing skills, with such great films as Leon and Fifth Element under his belt. He went into mostly writing or directing kids films. On the subject of Leon though, if that was made nowadays would that have got a pointless sequel too? Where Gary Oldmans Stansfelds business partners came after Natalie Portmans Mathilda character, forcing her to use her skills learnt from Leon to survive and kill them all, coming up against Stansfield at the end, finding out he some how survived at the end of the original. That actually sounds quite good now I think about it. Oi, Besson! Hands off and also stop ruining the Taken series. Richee

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