Friday, 21 March 2014

Sequels We Don't Need 4

So having put out the last two posts which are the ones I really don't want, now I'm going back to irrelevant films (not ones which particularly upset me but just one which seems irrelevant).

Hot Tub Time Machine 2 - So the 2010 film was a guilty pleasue for me, silly but entertaining. A group of friends head back to a ski resort to relive their youth only to be transfered back to their youth in 1986. So how can you make a sequel especially, with how the original ended with their lives pretty sweet. There is no description for what the sequel is about. The one thing I noticed is that John Cusack will not be returning but he seems to be the only missing actor, being replaced by Adam Scott. So if he will be the lead we will have to wait and see. Josh Heald is writing the sequel and Steve Pink is directing again, but I just can't see where this film can go, but oh well its gonna get made and its gonna be more pointless then the original. I suppose it keeps Chevy Chase in work, so someone is benefitting from this at least. Richee

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