Friday, 21 March 2014

Sequels We Don't Need 3

More complaining so soon, oh yes my happy readers. There our very few things in life that make me happy, but one thing that really makes me stabby are sequels we don't need, so with out further ado...

Prometheus 2- Why Ridley Scott, why? You ruined our relationship. You were the man who could do no wrong, and then along came Prometheus. You were the man to put the Alien franchise back on course, but instead what we got is some crap CGI giants who apparently gave life to planet Earth, then a group of absolute morons exploring an unknown planet with unknown spaceships. I should be happy about this as I was hoping Prometheus was a prequel to Alien instead of the prequel to the prequel, but frankly the damage is done and I don't want to see anything else to do with this story. Is it too much to ask for a good Alien film? I don't care what title you give it just make it good. So the one up side to a sequel is Michael Fassbender will be returning as David but in what shape, as last time we saw him he wasn't looking too good. Ridley Scott hasn't been confirmed as director yet but is one of the producer's with new comer Jack Paglen doing the screenplay. Why not hire some one with a lot more experience, but I suppose you gotta start somewhere. With the following this franchise has, even with it nose diving ever since James Cameron left some people, still hope it will take off again. Me though, I think you should just let it be. Richee

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