Friday, 14 March 2014


So welcome to my first Sequel's We Don't Need blog. Hoping to make this a regular thing I am, so let us know what you think. There are a lot of films which you look at and say, that doesn't need a sequel. For example Taken did not need a sequel, and it ruined the franchise as a whole in my opinion. Now on to the topic of this post, I have recently come across one of these films.

You may remember Arnold Shwarzeneggers foray into comedy films in the late 80s, and most of them were entertaining including the first film he did with Danny DeVito called Twins. Where Arnie goes in search of his long lost twin brother who is the complete opposite of Arnie, due to the sub plot. Both were lab experiments where Arnie got all the good gene's and Danny got the left overs. This was a fun film and entertaining with both men working well together, and everything was tied up nicely at the end. So why now 26 years later have they decided to make Triplets? I mean, fair enough, apparently DeVito pushed this back in 2003 but Arnie was the Governator so it got swept under the rug where really it should have stayed. All I know is the film features a third long lost brother this time being played by Eddie Murphy. I mean, come on really this is not a good idea! The whole thing is done! It's been too long since the original and lets face it, Eddie Murphy isn't the draw he use to be, and I can't remember last time I saw Danny DeVito in anything worth watching. So this whole project makes me weep for my childhood memories but it's gonna happen and I would bet on it being terrible. Richee

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