Monday, 3 March 2014

Derek Season 1 Review

So following the huge success of The Office, Extras and his movies including Night at the Museum, Ricky Gervais had time to put this new series together starring him self as Derek, a volunteer at an old folks home who always see's the best in everything and everyone. The old folks home is run by Hannah, played by the excellent Kerry Goodman, who's making the best out of her life trying to help those who need it. Dougie is the janitor and general dogs body played by Karl Pilkington, who I'm a huge fan of; this is basically Karl playing Karl but it works so well he steals the show. We follow Derek around in Ricky's usual documentary style, and just follow the lives of the residence and workers as they deal with issues ranging from greedy family members to MP'S trying to slash the budget. What I loved about this show is the heart. Its not your usual cringy Gervais character which I was really expecting. Instead you get a really likeable man who does have some difficulties, but the way he is portrayed is never taken advantage of or made uncomfortable, and is the best Gervais has acted, written and directed. If you like the more uncomfortable stuff, Kev is the character for you. Played by David Earl, he gives you everything you want with his innuendo's and general deplorable behaviour. So what you have is a funny heart warming story which is well acted and scripted. It had have me welling up a few times when the elderly folks pass away and the impact it has on those around them, so I would happily rate this 9/10. It is a must watch TV show if you haven't seen it yet get on it, and here's hoping season 2 is out soon. Richee

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