Monday, 3 March 2014

An Oscar winning film you're definately going to be disapointed by, and other DVD's out today

Hot off from last nights Oscars where it one seven awards, including one for best director, Gravity, one of the most widely talked about and praised films of last year, is out now to own. The biggest selling point of this film was its impressive use of 3D - probably the only film in existance to use it effectively as opposed to a gimmick. Yes, the lighting of the film made up for the loss of light when you 3D glasses, and the 3D did convey maybe what it would be like to float around in space. Yes, the special effects and graphics in this film are amazing. This film looks amazing. But looks isn't everything, and what this film gains in style it severly lacks in story. I've already discussed in a previous post about lazy and untrue the story is, and in our podcast we talk about how boring and bad the film is (Honest Trailers sums it up pretty well).

Yes, the 3D looked good in the cinema, but those of you that choose to buy it on DVD, Blu-Ray, or even in 3D, I believe are going to be disappointed. The best hope for this film is that they'll replay it in the cinema's every ten years as some kind of 'cult classic', and thats if its lucky enough to reach that status.

Another Oscar nominated film is Jackass' Bad Grandpa. While it lost out on the Best makeup and hairstyling award to Dallas Buyers Club, Bad Grandpa still had a real good go at it, as this fake grandad in real life had many people fooled. The best thing about this film? Many of the best jokes where left in the film and not smothered in the trailer. Silly and peurile while also rediculing (and sometimes deservingly so) the American public, this film is a must for Jackass fans.

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