Friday, 7 February 2014

Wolf Among Us Smoke and Mirrors Review

Finally Bigby Wolf is back in action for episode 2 of this Telltale epic. Following on from episode one, you have been detained by the police who want answers about the severed head out side the apartment, but Crane bails you out with some help from a magic spell. When you arrive home it's time to deal with Tweedledee taking over form Blue Beard in the questioning/torturing department, one thing leads to another and Snow White has to break you and Blue Beard up. That's right, it wasn't Snow that was murdered but some one else which leads you to the club Puddin and Pie owned by Georgie Porgie.

I think I will leave the story here as I don't wanna give to much away. So it's been a while since the first episode but the second episode continues on the very dark yet imaginative route leaving me wanting more. Where as this wasn't as violent as the first episode (or the way I played it anyway) it is a lot more seedy, especially when you see the Little Mermaid pole dancing for Georgie. I did get through this quite quickly thought, just under 3 hours I think which, was quite disappointing but for the price I can't complain too much. Overall, this is coming along nicely and I will give this a rating of 8/10. Richee

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