Friday, 21 February 2014

The Expendables 4 in Production and stuff

So on one of my random IMDB searches I thought I'd see if Michael Biehn had any more films coming out, but what I found out was Expendables 4 is in production with Michael. Which got me very excited. But then when I searched thought the confirmed actors it got even better as Rutger Hauer is in there as well. So yeah, now I'm excited to see two of my favourite actors in  a film which I'm probably gonna have to wait at least another year for.

In other Michael Biehn related-ish news, his character Kyle Reese from the original Terminator has been cast for the upcoming Terminator: Genesis. We will see Jai Courtney take on the role, which I don't mind as he is a promising actor who just happens to be in a few bad films. So fingers crossed they can make this series great again.

One final tit-bit for the day is a big happy birthday to the amazing Alan Rickman who is 68 today.

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