Monday, 3 February 2014

Pokemon Y Review

Having played Pokemon since the very beginning, back in 1996, I was getting a little bit dissapointed at where the franchise was going with the final 2 games for the DS. I was put off by Y/X when it came out on the 3DS as I didn't wanna spend 200 odd pounds for a single game. Well I finally buckled buying a 2DS with Pokemon Y and having played it through, defeating the elite four. I have mixed feelings about the game itself. The variety of pokemon you get from the start was brilliant, rather then the previous 3 to 4 'mon you find at the start. I was happy to see not only the new bird type but also Pidgey along with another 8 different types. The story itself follows yourself and 4 other kids on their own seperate adventures, and the extremely lame Team Flare (why they just don't continue to use Team Rocket I don't know, 'cause they were awesome). So they have a scheme you have to foil along with collecting the 8 gym badge;, you get the experience share quite quickly but rather then working on a single pokemon it works on your entire team which makes leveling up far too easy in my opinion. Usually my team is in low 50s when I get to the pokemon league, where as this time around my team was in the high 60s, so I got through the league with no issues. The whole thing just felt very underachieving and far too easy, where as usually its a struggle. They possibly should have put a Fairy type trainer in the elite four as I never did figure out what their weakness was. Plus, throw in the pointless mega evolution which I totaly forgot about until just now. So all in all, it's a good game but just too easy. My final score will be a 7/10 better then the previous 2 games but not as good as Blue/Red or the amazing Silver/Gold. Before I finish though, I have a new favourite pokemon: Tyrantrum. Richee

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