Friday, 28 February 2014

Is a Minecraft movie a good or a bad thing?

It's been reported on the Guardian website that Mojang have sold the rights to Warner Bros to make a Minecraft movie. On first thought I was all, oh yeah? That'll be interesting. My nephew loves Minecraft, he's definitely gonna want to see this film.

At this moment the producer of The Lego Movie Roy Lee has been attached to it. It's also even stated that it's going to be live action. And you can just imagine all of the merchandise and advertising at will go along with it?

After my first thought, my second thought was how shit a live action version would look. Animated would look amazing, but, seriously, live action? Does anyone remember the Mario movie? I guess we'll have to wait for the new Jonathan Liebesman reboot of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to see if Hollywood versions are worth it nowadays.

But the one I did seriously worry about would be the effect of this film. Hollywood is notoriously vicious in their protection of their rights to their stories, shutting down anything that may even slightly infringe it. Mojang, rightly so, shutdown a Kickstarter to fund a fan-made Minecraft film, as they hadn't pursued the rights to the brand. Mojang, however, are quite lenient towards people giving "free advertisement" towards their game, especially in the form of YouTube video's. With the likes of YogsCast making extremely popular series of their Minecraft adventures, you could say these play throughs are what made Minecraft popular in the first place. I worry that the aggressive system of protection will damage these popular sites, maybe even shut them down, so as to keep the integrity of the film. As many people make their living off of their YouTube videos, and a lot are solely Minecraft, this could hurt many.

For a game that is so reliant on the gamers imagination, I'm worried that a movie version of this game will ruin it. I mean, there isn't even a plot in the game. Though I am hopefully that they will make this film enjoyable, it may be the case that legal issues and advertising will give everyone Minecraft fatigue before its even out.

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