Friday, 14 February 2014

His and Hers Favourite romantic films

Whether you celebrate St. Valentine's day or not, everyone enjoys at least a smidge of romance in their favourite movies. So, in honour of this (sic) romantic day, and us going to see the Nick Frost rumba-a-thon Cuban Fury tonight, we present to you Layla and Richee's favourite movies to get us in a slightly sappy mood (because, you know, too much romance makes you vomit).


Pretty in Pink has two love stories. The main one, between Andie and Blane, is so pathetic it makes me angry, because Andie is quite clearly going for money. She should really be going for Duckie (guy on the right in the above picture), who is head over heels in love with Andie, his best friend, who he loves despite all her hang-ups. And this may seem typical aww, what every girl wants kind of territory, but the truth is he is one of the coolest guys in cinema and I just get SO ANGRY when she (spoilers) chooses Blane. No, Andie, No!

Shaun of the Dead has Shaun (Simon Pegg) trapsing across London suburbs in amongst a zombie apocalypse in order to save the woman that only days before dumped him. Sounds romantic, right? Well, even if the woman he risks his life for is a bit of a bitch, it is tremendously romantic to have a man come and save you in your hour of need (because we all know that if there was actually a zombie apocalyse it would be save yourself, throw your wife to the undead kind of senario).

Happy birthday to Simon Pegg as well today! Double presents!


Just Friends stars Ryan Reynolds in a fat suit. For the first scene, he gets put in the friend zone by his high school crush and best friend Amy Smart. This makes him flee his home town where he loses weight and becomes the Reynolds we all know. He also becomes a major womanizer. Upon arriving back in his home town though he is faced once again with his crush and the constant humiliation that follows. Also starring Anna Faris and Chris Klein who are both excellent in this film.

True Romance follows Clarence (Christian Slater) who ends up marrying prostitute Alabama (Patricia Arquette) then killing her pimp and going on the run from a mob boss who's cocaine they stole. Plenty of violence but also a good romantic story. With an excellent supporting cast and Tony Scott's great direction brings one of Tarantinos first scripts to the big screen.

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Have a good Valentines day, whatever you do.

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