Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Guardians of the Galaxy Review

That's right, the review is here. But not for the film (sorry for misleading you but the film is still being made so you should have known better), this review is for the graphic novel Cosmic Avengers which gives us the back story to Star-Lord and his crew. I was originally put off from buying this due to Rocket Raccoon who seemed a bit lame but is actually quite an amusing character as he runs around shooting aliens in the face shouting "BANG IN YOUR FACE" and many other I-just-killed-you phrases. Any way, back to Star-Lord who is a prince of a distant galaxy. Due to the king crash landing his ship doing the no pants dance with Star-Lord's mum, then going back to war with the Badoons. Fast forward 30 years, Star-Lord is now a space pirate with his crew of misfits, learning that his dad has banned any alien race from setting foot on Earth. Star-Lord heads to Earth to warn Iron-Man of any possible threat upon the planet, upon arrival though the Badoons attack them all in space, forcing them to destroy their warships and land on Earth, breaking the law his father just implemented. That's where I will leave the story but I did enjoy it. All the characters seem interesting with interesting back stories. There was a bit more for the other characters in the graphic novel but mostly Star-Lord, who will be played by Chris Pratt in the film, will be interesting to see how they bring it to the big screen, and after reading up about it a tiny bit I'm looking forward to it. So blimey, rating this; not my favourite but very interesting. I will give Guardians of the Galaxy: Cosmic Avengers 7/10. Thanks for checking the blog out if you've enjoyed it why not follow us on twitter where we share all our posts (@richeeandlayla). Richee

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