Saturday, 4 January 2014

Zombies!!! board game review

Being a big fan of all things zombie I recently purchased a board game called Zombies!!! Being in England I'm use to being behind the times, but this stradegy board game apparently came out in 2001, so a review 12 years late seems a bit behind the time's but I will carry on anyway. So this 2-6 player game uses tiles rather then a board with two aim's; either kill 25 zombies (harder then it sounds) or get to the helicopter tile. You can also change things up and use your own rules, which leaves multiple ways to play. Starting the game with 3 heart and bullet tokens you also draw 3 cards which will either help you win or hinder the other players. Things can get quite competitive as there can only be one winner. You collect extra supplies on the way around your created board to ensure you don't die and lose half of the zombies you have killed, because once you die you don't lose you just restart at the beginning, but as I say at a loss of half your collected zombies, this is good as no one has to sit out while the others finish the game. The way I play is with points rather then one of the top 2 goals, making them bonus objectives with extra bonus points. I have now started purchaseing extra add on packs to prolong the game, even more so most games last over two hours. There are 13 add ons to buy, which can be quite costly but do bring so much more to the game, and are well worth it. This game was created by Todd Breitenstein and I highly recommend it and rate it a massive 9/10 and can easily say this has taken over from monopoly as my favourite board game to play when friends are around.


This is the final board from my last game, used the zoo expansion with this. Don't forget to check out the podcast and our other blogs thanks.

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