Monday, 20 January 2014

Top 5 films featuring wrestlers

So with Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson breaking into Hollywood a while back, and now Dave Bautista starring in the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy film, I thought it was time to dust off the old top 5 list for wrestlers in feature films. Enjoy.

5. Kevin Nash/The Longest Yard- Lots of wrestlers appear in this Adam Sandler remake. My favourite though is Kevin Nash who plays guard Engleheart who's steroids get switched for hormone pills which makes him alot more emotional and all round more hilarious.

4. Dwayne Johnson/Doom- Controversial one this, the often slated film which finally bought Doom to the big screen. Karl Urban go to Mars to investigate strange events with a crack team being led by Sarge, played by the Rock himself as he was getting a foot hold in the movie buisness.

3. Nathan Jones/Warrior King- This monster of a man was the perfect match against Tony Jaa's Muay Thai and speed. Following the story of Khan who goes in search of his stolen elephants which takes him to Australia, where he has to fight against the group who stole his elephants to reclaim them.

2. Andre The Giant/The Princess Bride- Family film starring Cary Elwes is centered around a man finding his lost love after she is kidnapped. Chasing down the culprits, he has to face each of them, one of them being Fezzik the 7ft Andre the Giant in a fight. Only to have him become an accomplace later on in the film.

1.Steve Austin/The Expendables- This 2010 all star blockbuster featured Steve Austin as Eric Robers body guard and second hand man Paine. Up against Stallones good guys, giving Stallone himself a bit of a beating and in my opinion putting Autin as one of the top action stars out there.

So what do you think guys let me know in the comments. I imagine I might have a few complaints about Doom but as I have yet to see any of the Fast And Furious films or Pain and Gain that feature Johnson would be unfair to put them in on hear say. Richee


  1. I liked scorion king which was rocks first film

  2. The Great Khali in Get Smart is my favourite, terrible wrestler mind! =)