Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Reel Big Flix review the Toy Story trilogy

Not such a long wait for the new episode of Reel Big Flix, as we were all just so excited to record it. As you can tell from the picture above, we did the Toy Story trilogy. Many people, me included, absolutely love Toy Story, but somebody (Richee) always has to upset the apple cart. With Ross Bell and Dave Green also appearing on this podcast, we hope you enjoy it, and you can listen to it on The Palace of Wisdom of wisdom page here, and also on iTunes.

As I state in the podcast, I didn't really play with the same type of toys that Andy did. I was very much into Lego, Meccano, drawing, and any odd doll that did so happen to come into contact with me and my sister would get a drastic haircut and act a rope in a game of tug of war. I had some bears, but by far the toys I played with the most where the ones pictured below, Brian the hedgehog and Smee the sand mouse (watched a lot of Hook as a child). They could of cost no more than a pound each back in the mid '90's, but, like Andy, they where what I ploughed my creativity into. Unlike Andy, I never gave them away to a better home, because I mean frankly, look at them... All of Brian's fur has come off, his nose has been stitched back on, he's got a dramatic scar across his stomach, and Smee has had to have his arse sewed up. Yes they may be knackered, but they are my toys.

With the rise of computer games and tablets for kids, do you think children will play the same way as the previous generation, or do you think Brian and Smee will be the last in the line of imaginative play? Let us know in the comments, and if you've still got some of your childhood toys, we'd love to know about them (a picture through Twitter or Facebook would be amazing). Let us know what you thought of the podcast too.


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