Thursday, 23 January 2014

Happy Birthday Rutger Hauer.

Rutger Hauer is 70 today, the brilliant character actor from Blade Runner, Sin City and Batman Begins. To celebrate I have done this post, about 3 of my favourite Rutger films. Thought it would be a nice way to say happy birthday to a screen legend.

1994 saw Rutger take on Ice-T in Surviving the Game. After stopping Ice-T's character from offing himself, Rutger overs him a job to help his hunting party up in the rocky mountains. Once there though the true plans come out as Rutger announces he wants to hunt the most dangerous game, MAN. With Charles S.Dutton, John C.McGinley and Gary Busey co starring this was a sadly over looked action adventure. If you get a chance to watch it, do so .

1986 rocketed Rutger to fame as his deranged character The Hitcher in the movie of the same name. As a young man picks a hitcher up only to be attacked after he gets away, the hitcher begins to stalk the man and his girlfriend framing him for murder and making his life hell, with one of the best climaxes to date. This film was remade with Sean Bean as the lead but it can't touch the original.

1992 and my first Rutger Hauer film Split Second. In the future, London is flooded and there is a killer on the loose who eats his victims hearts. Having lost his previous partner to this monster, detective Harley Stone is determined to catch this monster. Living off coffee and chocolate Stone is partnered with Dick Durkin(Alastair Duncan) to try and curb his wrecklessness. This brilliant horror film is cheesy but great. It has been a long time since I have watched it though, due to the fact you can't get it on DVD in jolly old England, even though the film is based here. If you get a chance to watch this gritty over the top action horror film, do.

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