Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Ant-Man coming along nicely

It's finally coming together for Edgar Wrights Ant-Man. Paul Rudd was named as the actor to play Ant-Man, only to find out he will be playing the second incarnation of Ant-Man Scott Lang, with Michael Douglas playing Hank Pym the original and creator of Pym particles, which adjust his size. With this being the case I doubt we will see Pym become Giant-Man or Yellow Jacket in this franchise. I also wonder how the passing of the suit will happen, originally Lang stole the original Ant-Man suit to become a super villain version of Ant-Man, ending up being caught, locked up and put on the super-hero/villain team The Thunderbolts. Also announced is one of the two villains to be in the film, Castillo (not a clue) to be played by the incredible Michael Pena, who is always entertaining.

Also, while we are here, Johnny Depp has been in talks with Marvel and is rumoured for the Dr Strange role. This would be a brilliant fit with Johnny Depp reprising his more mature character's from films like Fear and Loathing or The Rum Diary. I feel people have forgotten his acting depth due to his more recent Disney character roles which is a shame. Thanks for reading it's all ways appreciated. Richee

One last thing. This needs to happen.

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