Sunday, 29 December 2013

Walking Dead season 2 episode 1 review

So Telltale's smash hit game The Walking Dead is back for a new season. Slight spoilers will appear in this review, but I will try not to give to much away though. Carrying on from the end of season 1 you get a run down first of what happened in the previous season. I had an issue with this though as the choices I made had been altered for this intro. For a game which says your decisions matter to then ignore it was a bit of a let down. The game kicks off with Clementine who has met up with Omid and Christa, who are now expecting a baby, heading into a public toilet to clean up. Omid decides Clementine should go into the toilet by herself. Are you kidding me? Zombie apocalypse people! And your sending an 8 year old into a public toilet on her own? Moving on, tragedy hits and we fast forward 16 months. After a small conversation you are attacked by other survivors. Forced to seperate from the group, you end up in a river, washing up on a shore near a camp ground. You find a starving dog named Sam who you can play frisbee with. Upon finding a can of food Sam turns on you and your dog ends up getting impaled. I have an issue with this. I like dogs and I was very upset they forced your hand here not allowing you to take Sam any further, but that's the story. Upon being bitten on the arm by Sam you get attacked by zombies forcing you to flee until you are overwhelmed. Luckily 2 survivors come to your rescue but see the bite and are obviousley dubious about it. Gonna leave it here as I don't want to give the whole episode away.

I got to admit, slight disapointment towards some moments but all in all this can be a great follow on to the game that came before. Seemed a bit shorter then season 1 though, that might be because I know what I'm doing though and got through with out dying. Go me! So my final score will be a 7/10 a good game with great promise. What I wanna know is when the heck is episode 2 of Wolf Among Us coming out? And are Telltale putting too much preasure on themselves bringing out 2 episodic games at once? Only time will tell. Richee

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