Thursday, 5 December 2013

Super Friends: The Movie

A couple of new revelations about the much anticipated/feared Superman 2 movie. The biggest revelation is that it doesn't seem like it's going to be a Superman movie. Main story of the day is that Gal Gadot of The Fast and The Furious series will be playing Wonder Woman, DC's major female hero.


First impressions? I don't know anything about Gadot, don't know how good an actress she is. Zack Snyder, the Superman 2 director, discribes her as having a "magical quality", which doesn't leave me with much enthusiasm. Another one of her qualities as an actress is that she is cool with being shot barely naked, and as we all know, Wonder Woman is one of the most scantily clad hero's about. Maybe they'll take away the underwear element like they did with Superman and put her in trousers. (There's one pretty henious web page I found that describe's all the things you can do due to the fact you won't be masterbating to the newly trousered Wonder Woman...)

My main fears is that she'll just be the token female hero, the T&A, or worse yet, Superman's love interest. I would so desperately wish that they could justify her as a powerful figure, but unfortunately it seems like she's always been set up for a fall. Along with her whip, she's the all American sexual fantasy.

In other news, Ben Affleck has stated that he even thought himself playing Batman was stupid, but was pursuaded to the role by playing him as an "older and wiser" Bruce Wayne. But what does this mean. That Bruce will literally be older (despite Superman coming out in the comics a year ahead of Batman)? That Batman is a more senior and experienced superhero compared to Superman, a potential rookie? Whatever it means, it could turn the heads on the whole DC heroes relationships with each other.

Whatever this crazy film brings us, the promise of more Justice League charcters to join Superman brings hope of maybe resurrecting some of the lost Super Friends: Martian Manhunter, anyone? The Atom? Or how about Elongated Man?


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