Wednesday, 4 December 2013

DVD releases this week

This week see's the DVD and blu-ray release of some of summer's biggest and most controversial films of the year. Listen to our podcasts from back when they came out at the cinema to see if they are worth parting with your cash.

First up with have The Hangover 3. As outrageously racist and silly the previous two films where, the third really does leave you glad it's "The End". At once over the top and boring, this is a film made by disinterested people unable to recapture the humour of the original two. But if you're the kind of person who has to know how it all ends, then you may want to buy this just to calm your nerves.

How famous an actor do you have to be so that your name comes up before the title of the film? Johnny Depp famous, that's how much. What is quite clearly a passion project of Depp's, The Lone Ranger has now become more famous for it's bloated budget then the original 50's television programme it was based on. An enjoyable film with an epic fight on a train, the films biggest flaw is that it never allows The Lone Ranger himself, played by Armie Hammer, really take the forefront ahead of Depp's sidekick Tonto.

Only God Forgives is probably the most polarising films of the year. I remember laughing at the trailor because they could only find one good review to endorse it (from The Guardian), because every other reviewer hated this film with a passion. For me personally, its a visually stunning film with the most gorgeous soundtrack you've ever heard, with just a little bit of a storyline problem, and it's not nearly as violent as the newspaper's made it out to be (read my helpful guide to making a non-violent film violent here). If you're looking for something a bit different to wake you up from your senses, Only God Forgives is much recommended.

Which film do you think you'll be buying this week? If none of then take your fancy, I believe Shrek: The Musical is out to buy now... If you're going to the cinema, then why not give some of our more recent podcast reviews a listen, including our latest one for Carrie.

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