Monday, 9 December 2013

Carrie: Too Pretty For Your Own Good

Ten minutes into the screening of the new Carrie film, the first thing I lamentably sighed at was a pool of svelte young girls.

"Where's the fat girl? Oh, it's that type of film..."

I don't want to sound cruel about overweight girls (hell, I was a fat teenager), but a film set in contemporary America needs to at least try to be a little bit realistic. Remember, this is a country where 18% of 12-18 year old are obese, let alone all the ones that are just a little bit overweight. Statistically, there should of been one girl in that water volley ball team who would be an average size 14 (American size 10).

The girls are tall, thin and pretty. The boys are tall, slightly muscular and conventionally handsome. And even Carrie, played by Chloe Grace Moretz, the outcast weirdo of the story, has a look of cute slightly granny-esque chic that that has been quite a popular style for the past couple of years.

                               Tavi Gevinson in some granny-style clothes                             Chloe Grace Moretz on the set of Carrie

Carrie in this film just looks too pretty, too Hollywood-pretty, to be believable as a isolated girl of whom her class mates call "freak". No amount of ashen face powder is going to take away from her tumbling golden curls. You almost expect the popular girls to say "so you admit you're pretty" and give her a make over ala Mean Girls. Even the films poster makes her look like a Vogue model (above).

This may sound like a petty thing to talk about, but the lack of any realistic looking people in this film completely takes away from any kind of impact Carrie's telekinesis has.You end up unconvinced by Carrie's plight. Because her bullying seems too over the top, and Carrie's transformation for the prom too slick, this film fails because of something as petty as looks.

For a film that claims to be a "deeply female story brought to life by female hands", this is a film that will do nothing for female confidence.

How to look like a religious telekinetic 'freak' about to go mental and kill everybody out, via Real Style


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