Wednesday, 11 December 2013


Out now on DVD and Blue-Ray is this action comedy starring Denzel Washington and Mark Wahlberg. They are two undercover agents with no idea who the other is, they rob a suspected bank full of drug money, and upon turning on each other they then discover the money is actually the C.I.As dirty money (headed by the excellent Bill Paxton). With the money now in James Marsden's hands and his betrayal on Mark Wahlberg forcing him to team up with Denzel Washington. They try and reclaim the money and save the girl leading to a four way gun fight between the factions. I enjoyed this film being a bit more then a buddy cop movie. The main characters had great chemistry, ware funny at all the right times and with strong back up performances from the likes of Paxton with his great Russian roulette scene which makes alot of sense when you think about it and a few didn't see that coming moments, which leads up to a great action packed final stand off. Would recommend this to all action junkies I'd give this film a 7/10. Richee

Another film about good guys learning the truth about corrupt cops, drugs, cartels, the Mexican desert and donuts. I agree that Warlberg and Washington have great chemistry on screen together, with Washington being the serious DEA agent and Warlberg playing the joking Navel Intelligence officer, but it's not enough to save what I feel is a fairly predictable movie. All the most impressive bits of screen time is are in the trailers, and you don't need to be Nostradamous to know how alot of the fight scenes end. It's not an awful film: the critical look at government corruption and the harsh way the leaders treat their staff is one of the more note worthy parts of this film, but it is all mired by a film of which feels like I've seen a hundred times before. Seriously, do all drug and official crimes only happen in Mexico? It is an ok film to wile away a couple of hours, but don't expect too much from this film. 5/10 Layla

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  1. Agreed with this seen it all before enjoyed it but wouldn't pay for it