Friday, 8 November 2013

The Wolf Among Us review

Following their brilliant episodic Walking Dead games last year, Telltale Games return with this story based on Bill Willingham's Fable comic's. Sticking very closely to the tried and tested point and click aspect, along with the usual speech options, you play as Bigby Wolf,  the appointed Sheriff of Fable Town which is located in America. Bigby is actually the big bad wolf from all those well known fairy tales. 

The story starts when your called to Mr Toad's apartment building to deal with one of the residences. Upon arrival you find Mr Toad in his natural form as a three foot toad because he has run out of Glamour which these fables need to hide themselves from the mundane or "normal people" of America. Upon hearing a womans scream from the room Bigby is there to investigate he finds the Woodsman drunk and being abusive to a random woman, after a long fight scenewith the brute you end up on the street and the Woodsman ends up with his own axe to his head but the fables. Luckily have a very high resistance to death and heal quite quickly. 

After interviewing the woman she intends to tell you more after she has seen her boss. After arriving home you find Colin, one of the Three Little Pigs who is crashing at your apartment and just guilt tripping Bigby into what he wants. I guess Bigby did blow his house down after all. As you fall asleep you are awoken by a knock at the door. It's not the woman you met earlier but Snow White who has something to show you. As you go back outside you find the womans decapitated head on the stairs of the apartment block. 

I will leave the story there. I have missed out a few things due to the fact I don't want to ruin too much here, but the game is a murder mystery in a very interesting world with interesting characters, and I think Telltale are on to another great game series. The theme of the game is very mature with lots of swearing and some extreme volence. I got a bit annoyed towards the end of this episode because the other fables are such jerks towards you but you get the chance to show them they shouldn't mess with you. 

At £3.99 an episode and £15.99 for all 5 this is definately worth the money. With this episode and I imagine each of the others lasting about 3 hours each and the fact you can play through it again to do the opposite of which you did first time round. If you enjoyed The Walking Dead game I'm sure your enjoy this too, and this will feel the void until the next series of Walking Dead games come out so buy this now. I rate this 8/10, great value for money and another smash hit for Telltale games. I'll be doing a blog for each of the chapters as they come out. Richee

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