Saturday, 9 November 2013

The Magical Architecture of Asgard that only god's could build.

Having not seen the previous Thor film, I didn't understand most of the first half of Thor: The Dark World. Giving it the benefit of the doubt, I decided to to concentrate other parts of the film. One of the major contributions to the fantastical look of the film is the gleaming and gaudy kingdom of Asgard.

One of things I started to think about was how a city like Asgard would be completely unthinkable nowadays. Nobody would have the ambition, let alone the time, money and resources, to build such a place. Think of all the other buildings throughout history that have been momentous projects; the Colossus of Rhodes took 12 years to build, the Pyramid of Djosar took 19 years to build, and the Taj Mahal took 21 years to build. These where made to commemorate the reign of the rulers who commissioned them, and it is a testament to the craftsmanship that many of these buildings still exist. Its no wonder why the people of Asgard could build structures like that, they are gods!

Nowadays, people do not build such grand buildings. Houses and flats can spring up in a matter of months, made of cheap, doomed materials, and even major statement buildings spend most of their construction time caught up in bureaucracy.

(The Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth is a good example of this. The Wikipedia page states "Planning began in 2000, and construction began 2001, and was completed in mid-2005, due to repeated delays and extra funding requests by the builders Mowlem. This was six years later than the planned opening date of 1999, chosen to coincide with Millenium celebrations. The tower, originally called Portsmouth Millennium Tower, was renamed Spinnaker Tower.")

As much as it would be nice to build the type of structures that inhabit the gold gilded, rainbow road kingdom of Asgard, I am not naive enough to realise why we don't do much of this anymore: different governments want different things, the cost is unjustifiable, and the public always have an opinion on these things. Also, it was totalitarian dictatorships that employed slaves to build many of these structures.

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