Saturday, 16 November 2013

Scary Movie 5 review

It's been seven years since the last Scary Movie came out and I got to be honest it's the one spoof franchise I actually enjoy. So this time around Simon Rex and Ashley Tisdale are a couple who take in Charlie Sheen's kids, who is murdered by a possesed Lindsay Lohan. Spoofing Paranormal Activity and Mama mostly this film is basically what you expect from the franchise, focusing on more physical comedy. There are few scenes with Simon Rex where he isn't getting hit in the head with something. The side story is a Black Swan spoof  which is entertaining enough, but the film in general does seem to drag pulling the same joke over and over again in some scenes, but for what it is, this spoof is quite watchable so I will rate it an average 5/10 which for a fifth film in a series is quite good. Richee

What can I say? Its a comedic spoof of horror films that isn't as funny as the actual unintentional comedy that the original horror films contain. Well, actually, its watchable, and some of the more humourous skits include an Evil Dead one, where a group of Christians drift in and out of dismembering themselves, and The Planet of the Apes, because apes are funny. Not as insulting or as funny as it tries to be, but not as stupid and rediculous as it could be, its a below average 4/10. Mind you, what do they care anyway. If it was a good film, they'd be doing it wrong. Layla

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