Friday, 1 November 2013

Lego Marvel demo review

Its been a while since I played one of the Lego games. Having loved the Star Wars games, I never got into the Indiana Jones games or the ones that followed. But being a Marvel fan boy this peaked my interest and I'm glad it did. Just from the one level you get to play, this game is great fun with lots of things to interest from the smallest details. Same as most the other games you need certain characters to do certain things. I played most the game as the Hulk smashing everthing in site, switching between Iron Man and Spiderman to use their certain traits for the level. Having to fight The Abomination with the Hulk was simplistic but very entertaining as you just stand there punching each other the humour is another classic trait the lego games have. It works so well here the game its easy to control when fighting, flying assembling items from Lego blocks this is a game that I definatly want to play more. The final fight has you up against Sandman where you have to use all the characters and shows the game is more then just simple game play. So my score for this game is an 8/10 its very well made, the story is interesting and the characters look awesome, plus when you fill up your Lego gauge you get to here Stan Lee shout "Excelsior" which was a nice touch indeed. Richee

Staying on the superhero theme next weeks podcast will be a review for Thor the Dark World until then though we have the Bad Grandpa review out so check it out

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