Saturday, 16 November 2013

How to Survive - Trial review

While searching the Playstation store I stumbles across How to Survive, a zombie survival game which has spliced a lot of different games into one. Using a crafting system to make new weapons and essential equipment, you also need to ensure you stay fed, hydrated and rested to survive. The game has a quirky little guide by Kovac which is simply animated but excellently done; you collect different parts which help you through the game. The game is viewed from a birds eye view, similar to Diablo 3. You can also play 2 player co-op which is fun but do watch out as friendly fire is on and can be frustrating when fighting a horde. As for game graphics they are well done some of the zombies look similar but they work for what it is.

I belive this is a fun little game and at £11.99 the price isn't to steep either, but this game isn't a must have and I doubt it will stay the course. I will give this game a 6/10 an above average game for what it is. Richee

Produced by French developers EKO Software, How to Survive is like Don't Starve meets Diablo, but with zombies. You can create weapons, but you've also got to drink water and eat casava roots and such, which can make it quite stressful when you see your life bar plunge as your trying to act out a special move with a machete. The trial we played didn't last for too long, but from some of the reviews I've seen, it does get better. The time we played, it was basically just us running round cutting up the undead and picking up junk. I fear that, if you was to play this just by yourself, you may get bored, but for the price it is, its not too bad. 5/10 Layla

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