Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Dying Light- Not looking so great after all

So after my top 5 coming games for the PS4, I did a bit more research on one of the games, that being the free running zombie game Dying Light. Upon seeing the game is made by Techland who made the extremly dissapointing Dead Island games ,they were fun but very glitchy and lacked a decent story. Then after watching a gameplay trailer last night the game looks just like a Dead Island sequal which in my opinion we don't need. It would be nice to see a zombie game made by some different companies with some new ideas so we don't get the same old recycled crap over and over again, so I'm striking Dying Light from my top 5 most wanted list.

I am replacing it with Dragon Age: Inquisition. Following on from the dissapointing second game (I find so many games dissapointing), Bioware brings us the third installment from their dragon slaying franchise. The story follows a civil war which has broken out between the Mages and the Templars, the player being able to choose between the same races as the first game which will hopefully have different story branches and also the Qunari will be a playable character. This is out in 2014, no actual date but is a title I'm looking forward to. Richee

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