Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Cinema pet peevs

So having done our podcast for over a year now, going to the cinema weekly I have picked up just a few things that get under my skin. Here are the 3 most annoying things that make me rage in the cinema:

3. Adverts - Unfortunatly it's the norm to stick 15 minutes worth of adverts at the beginning of a film and even the trailers. So I find myself going into the screening 10 minutes later then I should which must be annoying for others but I have to put up with this weekly so sod 'em.

2. Talking - Obviously if your watching a film which needs you to pay attention having some jackass behind you talking is very annoying, as they do it loud enough to get your attention but not loud enough to hear if it's anything interesting, jerks.

1. Mobiles - Only a few times has this happened but when it happens I get the urge to skin the person responsible. I'm not talking about the phone going off if you forgot to put it on silent, I'm talking about those shit heels who actually then answer the phone. If your expecting an important phone call DON'T GO TO THE CINEMA 

So has anything annoying ever happened to you guys in your cinema experiences? let us know in the comments. Richee

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