Tuesday, 29 October 2013


Now we get on to a serious topic about zombie films and what follows in the inevitable remake/reboot. These can range from the good to the out right terrible, so I will be looking at 3 of George A. Romero's classic films and the films that spawned from them.

So as I take a look at one of my favourite zombie films and possibly the first zombie film I ever saw, 1990 Night of the Living Dead directed by Tom Savini and starring Tony Todd and Patricia Tallman. This is basically an updated version of George A. Romero 1968 classic with two exceptions. The character Barbara goes pretty much catatonic after her brother dies in the original yet in the remake she is the heroine of the piece, plus the ending is slightly different, The remake was a step up graphically with out damaging the original story.

Dawn of the Dead; fortunatly I was old enough to have seen the original film this time around before I saw the reboot. Unlike Night of the Living Dead, Zack Snyder interpretation of the 1978 classic was a whole different film with new characters, story and the introduction of the fast zombies. I feel this benefited the film as the original was such a great film a straight up remake would have been a bad choice so instead we got another good zombie film with out the disapointment of a shoddy remake.

Now on to the bad side of zombie remakes is 2008 film Day of the Dead, directed by Steve Miner. This film is a horrible mess, taking parts from George A. Romero 1985 original, which even though it isn't a classic but still a hell of a sight better then this, with a new story which was lacking from the start. Starring Mena Suvari showing how far she has fallen since American Beauty and Stark Sands plays Bud the zombie who happens to keep some of his humanity due to fancying Mena's character. In the original the Bud character is quite a big part in the film as he is a zombie being taught by one of the scientists to act more human. So yeah this remake is a massive mess of nonsense and rubbish so stear clear. 

So my final equation for zombies + remakes/reboots = not to shabby.

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