Thursday, 31 October 2013


First off, happy Halloween everyone! Hope you have a good day what ever you do and where ever you are, especially across the pond in America as you celebrate this day the right way. Everyone stuck in England don't really bother with halloween which is quite depressing as I really like candy. On to todays equation: I'm writing about zombies in books, staying away from the comic/graphic novels that are the amazing Walking Dead by Robert Kirkman and focusing solely on books so here are 3 zombie books I have recently read.

3. Ex Heroes series by Peter Cline- Following a selection of make belive superhero's in the real world after a zombie outbreak, holding out in Los Angeles with a large group of survivors. I picked this up on a whim as it is two of my favourite things. The details of the heroes is immense with what they look like and their powers making them all interesting characters, throw in zombified superhero's you have a very exciting read. After I finished this book I went out and bought the following two books and I gotta say these are great reads and I highly recommend them while greedily hoping for more.

2.The Zombies of Lake Woebegotten by Harrison Geillor- The story takes place in a small town in Minnesota filled with some very interesting people and upon the zombie out break they have to team up to survive. This was a great read and very funny following these characters who are very flawed ranging from a serial killer to a guy who thinks he is a viking. Throw in zombie animals to worry about aswell. The story is excellent and very satisfying to the finish, makes this a book for all zombie fans.

1.World War Z by Max Brooks- I feel a bit cheap putting this in but I just couldn't leave it out. The book follows a number of survivors all over the world and their lives during the 10 years that the zombies war has been going on. Styled in an interview process, every story is interesting and worth your time. You gotta give Max Brooks credit for the current zombie uprising along with his Survival Guide, he made zombies more real and so much more frightening. If you havn't read this yet go grab a copy and if your sitting there thinking "just watch the film", NO the film is not the book the film is a Brad Pitt zombie film and only uses the title of the book to get more interest behind it, but unfortunatly he released that drivel rather then any of the stories in this book.

Well there you go guys my answer for this question Zombies+Books= Brilliant. With everything I mentioned plus the likes of Walking Dead, which has also started releasing books, which I have yet to pick up but will do soon, plus also the Resident Evil series by S.D Perry which are far superior to the films, one more mention goes to the Marvel Zombies comic as I said zombies and superheros are a great pairing. Richee
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