Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Zombies + Danny Trejo =?

So halloween is coming and I'm gonna do a count down of 3 blogs about my favourite movie monsters, the zombie, plus what ever ties in with these films at the moment. Today it's Mr Danny Trejo, who recently starred in the blockbuster film Machete Kills. He has also had a couple of straight to DVD zombie films and I was foolish enough to purchase them, but at least I have something to blog about so it's not all bad.

First up we have Rise of the Zombies, the 2012 TV movie Starring Ethan Suplee or Randy from My Name is Earl and LeVar Burton from Star Trek: Next Generation. The film follows a group of survivors who are hiding out on Alcatraz from the zombie menace. While trying to develop a cure for the virus they are forced to flee when zombies make it to the island and start to munch up some of the survivors. So after they escape to land they go in search for a scientist who claims to have created a cure. Danny Trejo plays a hard ass military character who seems to only care about number 1. Unfortunatly the selfish Danny Trejo doesn't get enough screen time and what he does have isn't great. The worst thing about this film is Ethan Suplee  who plays another military character, but if you have seen My Name is Earl then you just can't take him seriously and he doesn't help himself in this role with a very poor performance. So the film is rather bland with nothing really going for it, the side story with Levar Burton brings nothing to the film. Lead actress Mariel Hemingway was also guilty of some terrible acting. What should have and could have been a fun little zombie film but up being another terrible 2/10 film. It is awful, stay clear. Makes me wonder how bad Director Nick Lyon's first zombie film was, which starred Ving Rhames, who is slowly becoming a zombie actor, and Eddie Steeples who plays Darnell from thats right, My Name is Earl. Now if only he can do a third Zombie film with Jason Lee, fingers crossed.

Next up we have the 2013 straight to DVD film Zombie Hunter starring Martin Copping and some people who are not worth mentioning. The film actually explains how zombies or "Eaters" have come to be in this Grindhouse style flick which is a nice change. Caused by a new street drug called Natas the world goes tits up due to these zombie drugs, and then we are introduced to the Hunter. Played by Martin Copping as a broody bad ass who slashes through zombies with ease due to the drugs. The zombies have pink blood which gets splattered everywhere, including the camera which is a nice touch. He comes across a group of survivors, due to one of them mistaking him for an eater. These characters should have been dead a long time ago as they are all so innept. Except for Father Jesus played by Dannt Trejo who gets some good scenes of him murdering zombies with an axe but again not enough time is given to easily the most interesting character. And I got to admit I did miss the machete, the axe just didn't look right. Back to the story, it doesn't take long for shit to hit the fans as the eaters and some awful terrible CGI monster find the survivors and force them to flee the camp and into a crazy plan featuring a pretty awesome cannibal and more shocking CGI. This film does some nice things with the camera angles and the way it was cut looked really good. Now the down side the script and acting is painful with exceptions to Danny Trejo who as I said was not used enough and Martin Copping who after a rough start grew on me through out the film becoming a bigger and bigger bastard. Unfortunatly the other "actors" are given to much to do and drag this film down but all in all K. King who wrote, directed and produced this, his first film, and I gotta say for a first outing this isn't terrible its just not that good, so hopefully we will see more from K. King and hope he gets better as he goes, but this film is a 4/10 film, below average but if you want cheesy zombie film give this one a watch just don't expect anything.

So Danny Trejo, you may not have had big parts in these films, even if you were pasted all over the covers my final decision is, Danny Trejo + Zombies = Disapointing. Come back tomorrow when I talk more about Zombies and go check out the podcast with Bad Grandpa review out today. Richee

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