Thursday, 10 October 2013

What were you thinking?

Well here we go then. Last night I wasted an hour and half of my life watching Sharknado, which had a surprising amount of hype around it, I thought fair enough it's gonna be a stupid film but it must be entertaining to have had so much feedback. But that is not the case what we have here is one of the worst films to ever come out from the Syfy channel, which is saying something in itself. What you have is a terrible piece of filmaking with shite acting, directing, story, script, cgi. Everything about this film is bad. What makes it unforgiveable is how predictable and boring it is. I actually started fast forwarding through near the end due to how ridiculous it is. How these people get to make films, or why an actor would be in this film is beyond me. So here is my rating for this abomination of a film: 1/10, thats right, a 1/10. This film should not be viewed by anyone, and anyone who speaks positively about this film should be seek medical help. Richee

I love random B-Movie's, but making a movie based on a portmanteau of two completely unrelated words is not the smartest premise to make a film on. Enough said! Yeah, we all thought it was funny when we first saw the posters. Hell, I even reposted it on the His and Hers Facebook page because it looked so hilarious. But that's where it should of ended. A funny movie poster for a film that should never have existed. But lo! An estimated million dollars was spent making this garbage (and may I just remind you again that Primer cost just six thousand dollars to make).

The film even starts falsely. I was lead to believe that this might of been almost a shark revenge movie, as there is a scene of sharks having their fins cut off so they can be sold to a Chinese business man. What, this film is political? Nobody mentioned that. The reason why they didn't is that this film has nothing to do with shark politics. In fact, they could of just removed that scene completely. Waste of time.

Sharknado continues in pretty much the same *you're joking, right?* vein; nobody moves avay from the tornado until way too late, sharks can swin in two feet of water, they can jump, Ian Ziering's family is a complete jerk to him while he saves a school bus full of children single handedly (really), a house floods from the inside while the outside stays relatively dry, and the physics of everything is so completely out that you wonder how gravity is even managing to keep their feet on the ground.

This film isn't even stupid funny after awhile. It just becomes boring. The only acceptable grounds that you could watch this film is if you hang out with a bunch of douche bag friends who are only happy when they are slagging stuff off. If you like mocking stuff, then fill your boots. But if you believe your time should be filled with even slightly more fullfilling experiences, then avoid this film. I won't be holding my breath for Avalanche Sharks. 1/10. Layla.

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