Wednesday, 30 October 2013

The Wrong Mans Review

Its good to finally see some thing worth watching from the BBC. I'm very critical of where the money goes with this television company as all we ever seem to get are repeats and constantly recycled show ideas, to the constant rubbish that is Z list celebrity shows trying to squeeze a bit more money out of their fading careers. So its a breath of fresh air to see some thing as good as The Wrong Mans, written by and starring Mathew Baynton and TV funny man James Corden. The series follows their characters Sam and Phil, who work for the city council or just the building the council work in. As Sam stumbles upon a mobile phone which leads him to a kidnapping and what follows includeing secret agents, Russian mobsters and corruption, all while evading the police for a crime they didn't commit (and Sam trys not to upset his boss and ex). I found the characters very inept but very likeable especially Corden's character. He plays the desperatly needy very well and great performances from the supporting cast from Sam's ex Lizzie played by Sarah Solemani to the mysterious Scarlett played by Emillia Fox, and one of my favourite actors Benedict Wong also appears for the first few episodes. All round this is an enjoyable series; funny, witty, and very well written. Some of the episodes might be a bit far fetched, but it had a satisfying finale. I would recommend most people who like comedy shows give this a go. Currently rated 6.9 from IMDB I myself would rate this a solid 7/10, a good TV series with many twists, turns and laughs. Richee    

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