Saturday, 19 October 2013

Jurassic World update

So Jurassic World has started casting and what a mixed bag it is. First up is Bryce Dallas Howard who you may know from the terrible M. Night Shyamalan film The Village or as Gwen Stacy from the awful Spiderman 3 or the not so bad Joseph Gordon-Levitt/Seth Rogan film 50/50.  Not too confident on this one myself. Next up coming of the pretty lame Iron Man 3 film is Ty Simpkins who played the annoying kid. He was also in both Insidious films, but I haven't seen them so I can't comment on whether he was any good in them. I just think it sucks we have another Jurassic Park film with kids in it. So far the kids in the previous films have been annoying little jerks, so doubt things will change for this sequal. Next up is little known Nick Robinson who has the film The Kings Of Summer under his belt but other then that not much to shout about. So not much to shout about until the latest rumour doing the rounds linking Josh Brolin to a lead role, which at the moment I'm very happy about, and now I know what your thinking why at the moment? Well it's due to the fact Oldboy is out in December and it may leave a bad taste in my mouth and make me turn on everyone involved. So what do you think guys, are you looking forward to 2015 Jurassic World now? Richee

Don't forget to check out the podcast this week, we review Machete Kills plus our 50th episode special is also there for you to enjoy, thanks.

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