Friday, 25 October 2013

It shouldn't happen

Stephen King's It is getting a remake. You probaly could argue that the original 1990 version was not a film and was a tv mini-series so this isn't quite a re-make, but I call bullshit on that. At just over 3 hours long in 2 parts, It follows a group of kids in their fight against Pennywise, and then as adults. This could have been 2 films, but they tend to do that a lot nowadays so I guess that's why this is happening. I think the only issue with this re-make will be finding some one to play Pennywise as well as Tim Curry did. He made that part his own as the extremly scary clown which haunted my dreams as a child after watching the first part of the double. It was years before I saw the whole story together the way it needs to be seen. It was instantly one of my favourite horror films because of Tim Curry. I can happily say this is the main reason why clowns freak me out, you gotta double check  just in case, any way I digress. At the moment all we know is the film will be Directed by Cary Fukunaga who's biggest film to date was the 2011 adaption of Jane Eyre. He is also working on the screenplay with David Kajganich and Chase Palmer who are quite new on the scene. As long as they don't change too much they are in for a winner. If, and its a big if, they can replace Tim Curry's Pennywise. Richee

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