Sunday, 6 October 2013

Grand Theft Auto Online Review

What a short time a week is. Following on from my Grand Theft Auto 5 review this is the follow up for the online feature. It's release was a day late as their servers couldn't handle the amount of people trying to play the game. Now that has been sorted, I've played it for the last week and can honestly say it brings nothing new to the game apart from having fun with your friends, with the many missions races being my favourite. Even though the game is up and running it is still really buggy. I'm slightly annoyed at the fact my data from last night didn't save losing me 15,000 dollars, which took me a couple of hours due to a couple of players who decided to get in my way which ended badly for them. You can put the game on passive mode which means you can't be attacked or attack but I can't figure out how it work's, so with the bugs and the douche bags this game rated seperatly would be a 7/10; it's a good game but very frustrating. As a whole package I gotta say the game is still 9/10. I don't think it warrants the 10/10 I really thought it would get, Rockstar still have a few modes left to release like the heists which is the main thing I want, but don't wait for another review my final decision is 9/10. Richee

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