Saturday, 19 October 2013

Films that need a reboot?

Usually I'm the first to complain about the lack of imagination coming out of Hollywood and their constant stream of remakes/reboots. But I was thinking maybe some films would benefit from a reboot so here are 3 of my picks for films which desperatly need a reboot.

1. Resident Evil- Any one who has played the classic Capcom games will tell you there is an interesting story there, especially for the first 2 outings. Which is why this needs a closer to home reboot. This has been said since Paul W.S. Anderson started sodomising this great concept now leave it alone and let some one else have a crack, at what could be a great series of films.

2. Alien vs Predator- I firmly belive this in the right hands can be great, unfortunatly they seem to grab the wrong person every time. And what a surprise to see Paul W.S. Anderson back on the list, I forgot he made the first of these abominations. Thinking about it he really should have been higher on my worst director list. But saying that the brother's Strause make him look like a competent director with what is one of the worst films ever made in AvP Requiem. Both films need to be erased from history and some one competent needs to be given this possibly great franchise.

3. Constantine/Hellblazer- Only ever read a couple Hellblazer graphic novels I'm not really one to comment but even I realised that Keanu Reeves is not the right choice to play a chain smoking blonde haired Brit. The strange thing about this film compared to the others is the fact I don't hate it I just feel there is room for improvement.

So there you are guys what do you think got a nice selection there what films do you think need a reboot if any let us know and don't forget to check out the podcast. Richee

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