Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Favourite Games

So the Layla asked me to do a top 5 of my favourite games, so in no paticular order this is my top 5 games.

5. Pokemon Silver- I have all ways enjoyed the Pokemon franchise and found the game peaked in it's second outing. Leting you play in the Johto region and then the Kanto region, allowing you to collect 16 badges and also get to battle the original trainer if you can find him, plus the 250 pokemon in this game are awesome. Totodile FTW! (Unlike the new pokemon in Black or White which sucked giant balls.)

4. Summoner- you may have read my blog about me wanting to see this as a film. I played the game through a few times and got quite addicted to it, plus it was a very long game with one side mission which spanned most of the game, which I didn't complete the first time through but did second time round and it was well worth it.

3. Timesplitters 2- I loved this game mainly for the multiplayer. Don't get me wrong, the story was good with hilarious characters, but 4 played split screen was immense. Now thanks to online gaming I can't play split screen any more, not that I need to.

2. Manhunt- This game took over my life when it first come out. I even got a card through the door to promote it which I still have today. Ignoring the ultra violence in this game and going deeper into the gameplay you have quite a slow stealth game. I didn't like games like Hitman or Splintercell but for some reason I loved the simplistic stealth in this game where you run into the shadows and get the hunters attention by banging on the wall to throwing bricks bottles or even decapitated heads you can pick up, failing to ignore the violence. The story was brilliant, the whole snuff film angle was great, and fighting through street gangs to inmates in the insane asylum to the watch dogs Starkweathers own private militia. Not forgetting the final show down with Piggsy which has you being stalked by a scary man in a pig mask with a chainsaw. Now that is messed up.

1. Fallout 3- What can I say this game was damn near perfect for me. The apocalyptic setting, the monsters, the run down American landscape and the guns, my god the guns. When I got the fatman for the first time and saw it launhed mini nukes, I probaly had a bit to much fun. Plus you can get a dog called Dogmeat. How awesome is that.

So there you go guys my top 5. If I had to do them in order it would probaly be the way they are now. So many good memories from these 5 games. What do you guys think? Are any of these games in your top 5? Let us know in the comments below. Much love, Richee.

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